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Real Estate Reimagined 

Over Four Decades of Pioneering Value-Add

100% High positive return over
30 years through wisdom,
innovation, and vision.

*Data collected as of the beginning of the PMI partnership in 1993.

Commercial Office

3523-3525 Eastham Dr. – Culver City, CA

About Our Company

Guided by its managers’ forty-five years of industry experience, PMI is a commercial and residential real estate investment company headquartered in Beverly Hills. PMI was founded in 1978 by Scott Sternberg and has since closed over $500 million in office, shopping center, industrial, and apartment properties.

Left side half (45+ properties)



All are located in Los Angeles

and San Francisco.

2644 30th St. – Santa Monica, CA

Right side half ($522+ Million)



The sales price of sold properties and

sales value of unsold properties.

2644 30th St. – Santa Monica, CA

Commercial Property

219 Rose Ave. – Venice, CA

Our Mission

At PMI Properties, our guiding principle is to patiently invest when value is exceptional. Whether it be through creatively converting warehouse spaces for office use, enhancing multifamily units with unique quality of life upgrades, or repurposing outdated office facilities with new and useful functions (such as medical, life science, self-storage, and residential), we innovate and pioneer designs for the market. PMI offers real estate reimagined.

Featured Projects

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