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Glencoe Ave. - Marina Del Rey

Our Innovations

4223 Glencoe Ave. – Marina Del Rey, CA

Before and After the PMI Difference

Warehouse Before and After

PMI led the way in converting warehouses into creative office spaces in West Los Angeles through the late 1990s and early 2000s. In these conversions, we retained key industrial features like roll-up doors, loading docks, and bow-truss ceilings. These features not only add character to the space but also provide functionality for businesses that require warehouse-like features. Industrial to creative office conversions have revolutionized the office world by creating unique workspaces that are attractive to businesses seeking more innovative and dynamic environments.

Residential Property Before and After

Utilizing techniques perfected over decades of multifamily investment, PMI continues to pioneer the creative reutilization of space. Renters' preferences have shifted due to the pandemic and changing demographics and focus group research has found that the formal dining room is no longer needed or
desired. These areas can be repurposed into office areas or nooks, privatized in some cases. Dining can take place in oversized living rooms, in kitchens, or at dining bars. The use of digital staging, shown above, offers our tenants ideas for desk placement to establish such important home offices.

Creative Residential Before and After

PMI has leveraged the unique features of our creative office spaces, such as raised exposed ceilings and open floor plans, to develop a new residential product. By incorporating these creative concepts into our residential portfolio, PMI is offering its tenants an innovative and modern living experience. This is especially important in today's real estate industry, as tenants are increasingly looking for homes that reflect their unique lifestyles and preferences. With this creative approach, PMI can attract a new segment of tenants who value both functionality and aesthetics.

Office Before and After

PMI was a trailblazer in soft creative conversions of traditional office buildings, where they incorporated industrial finishes, exposed structural elements, and opened-up ceilings. These revolutionary conversions have transformed traditional office buildings into unique and modern workspaces, attracting businesses seeking more innovative and creative environments. By retaining the original structure and adding contemporary features.

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